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es TaToH10 May 20222395
no TheViper29 Jan 20222384
ca Hera04 Dec 20222384
cn Yo31 Jul 20222371
at Liereyy25 Nov 20222354
vn ACCM15 Oct 20222347
fi Villese07 Aug 20222344
ru Vinchester24 Nov 20222322
ar Nicov03 Dec 20222309
de JorDan_2305 Aug 20222296
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About this ranking...

Voobly is great and the rating system works similar to this one (based on Elo).

However, especially for top tier players, it is not very accurate, because all "fun-games" and non-serious matches are also taken into account.

Most importantly, tournament games, when played on voobly, are normally played non-rated, although they are the most important ones.
Elo is a method to measure player strength in games like Chess and Go and has been adopted for many other games. The Elo number of a player changes when he loses or wins against an opponent, giving the winner some points and taking away points from the loser. It is also used by Voobly for the rating system For a more detailed description, view the Wikipedia article.
Step 1 - Inital estimate

First, the initial Elo for every player is estimated. We do this here based on the number of games he played and how many tournaments he attended.

Step 2 - Chronological game evaluation

Then, all tournament games are evaluated in order of time: For every played game within a series, the winner takes points from the loser according to the Elo formula:

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To understand how a player ended up on his current Elo, just view his/her game history by clicking on the name.

Elo is objective

Instead of manually having to decide which match, tournament or opponent was important or difficult, Elo automatically takes care of the point distribution and is free of personal bias. The more matches are included, the more accurate it gets.

It stays up-to-date

Elo automatically weights recent results heavier than older ones. This way, we can also measure at what point in time a player's Elo was higher or lower during is career (see the player profiles).

A player can't boost his rating by "noob bashing"

If a strong player (i.e. a player with a high Elo number) wins against a weaker opponent, he is only awarded a small number of points. However, if the weaker player wins, he gets alot. This way, the Elo difference of two players stabilizes given enough matches, reflecting the true "skill gap".