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Hi guys, I'm mungo_ and originally wrote this website because of the recurring "who-are-the-top-10-players-in-aoe" discussion on Twitch and Reddit and as you can see it escalated a bit during my winter holidays. I hope at least some people like browsing stats and data like I do, so this can be of a purpose for the community.

Meanwhile we collected all major tournaments in the last ~10 years, mainly by the amazing work of pumukel. This project is now the largest systematic collection of AoE II tournament games. If you want to help to grow the database, contact us!

If you have any suggestions on how to improve this project, or if you spot a smaller or bigger error on the website, please send us an email! We are happy about any kind of feedback.

This is a non-commercial website. It is just for fun, although AOE is of course a very serious thing.


Why is a certain tournament missing?


  • It is not a 1v1 tournament
  • It has too many low-tier players
  • We couldn't find any brackets or informations about it. Help us!
  • We forgot it. Notify us!

Why are some games of in a tournament missing?

  • We don't put admin wins or other cancelled games in the database, only really played matches.
  • Not all stages of all tournaments are important. If the early stages of a tournament only consist of mainly low-tier matches, we don't put them in the database. This way, the amout of the low-level players with only a few registered matches is smaller, and they not too much cluttering the statistics and tables.

What is Elo? What is the exact formula?

I plan to write something about the maths and exact calculation behind the elo and the other stats as soon as I find the time. Until then, check out the notes in the column next to the players list.

Work in progress...

Math Page to explain Elo Calculation

Formulas and some examples to understand how the Elo change after a series of multiple games is calculated.

You would like to see something? Or there is something wrong?

This page is very fresh, so we appreciate any input and feedback. Tell us!

Our Database

Feel free to use our database for your own project. The original data format is SQL.



Use the Web API to fetch data in real time. Please cache the results or we will need API keys. Please don't exceed 1000 calls per day.


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This website is done by the community for the community, so we are always happy about feedback!

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Big thanks to everybody who contributed so far with suggestions, feedback or by spotting errors in the data! To name a few:
pumukel, Poxo, patao, donal, nimanoe, Michaerbse, iViktorius, King_Marv, Huehuecoyotl22, buhanisson, mrdmr, Hellrider_23, dodageka, The_Night_Panda, JoshuaR, IamDiscern, lucky58AoE, GWLeibniz, dodageka, RingZero, BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB, Epid

Greedy Imprint

I am still not so sure about putting my personal stuff on the interwebs...

Just send me a mail if this is illegal:


I am also on Twitch: mungo_

AoeZone: mungo__